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Kevin Torres



The American Psychological Association published a short documentary about having undocumented status in America. As Jong-Min, one of the undocumented immigrants they spoke with, explained, “It feels like being In an invisible prison.” The American Dream is something people work toward regardless of immigration status, and the stories of those who seek that dream matter. Especially those who feel invisible; however, one night, one conversation, one story can change someone from a faceless janitor into an actual person. 

“The Janitor” by Rick Najera

Kimberly Lee



In World War II, the Japanese and American military captured over 200,000 South Korean girls to serve as sex slaves, also known as comfort women to their soldiers. While Japan finally offered an apology to South Korean comfort women in 2015, the U.S. has yet to acknowledge its part in the use of known illegal brothels. Hanna Samuels, a young woman months away from being deployed overseas, must face the dark history behind the very country she’s pledged her life to serving. I am not here performing this looking for some grand act of justice, but after 77 years of suppression, I am asking that we all acknowledge the horror these women suffered. Women like my halmoni, my grandmother, who has been silenced for far too long.

“Silence Broken” by Dae Sung Cho