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Getting Creative to Tell the Story

As you watch performances, pay attention to the legally added elements of creativity. While remaining within the NSDA rules, creativity is encouraged.

Inventing transitions between scenes might be necessary to tell the whole story arc.

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To show time changes, scene shifts, or to skip from one event to the other, the students might need to use transitional, self-created, vocalized (but legal) methods:

Sound effect(s)

Lead in mood music (no lyrics unless used in the script)

Tense changes

Speeding up a scene or slowing it down

Using a pantomimed prop

A repeated line from the text

Flashback or flash forward

Pantomime blocking


Freeze frame

A tune (no lyrics unless used in the script)

Shift the order of events

Environment change(s)


If your students watch NSDA final round videos¬†they will see many of these techniques in the performances. The DI and HI archives are available to members, while the most recent year’s videos are only available to Resource Package subscribers.