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At the beginning of a new two-year term, committees are also invited to appoint a sixth member to the team to advance representation in any underrepresented areas. There are many possibilities to consider when evaluating an appointment, including:

  • individual demographics (including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.);
  • the individual’s school/organization demographics (school setting, size, socioeconomic status, etc.); and
  • the individual’s potential contribution to the committee (e.g., if the committee is all teachers, inviting other expertise or viewpoints like a local administrator, a fundraising expert, a financial expert to serve as treasurer, or a communications professional to help out with committee tasks).

Each committee may discuss the addition of an appointed representative and vote on the recommendation. This appointment can happen at any time, and that individual will serve a term simultaneous with the current committee (their term will end with the rest of the committee, regardless of when appointed). The district chair may submit an individual who receives a majority vote of the elected committee to the NSDA using this form, briefly explaining how that individual makes the committee more representative of its district.