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Closing Remarks

We have thoroughly enjoyed creating this course. We have always loved helping new coaches learn and grow in this great activity. One piece of advice we tell new coaches is to start slowly, pick a few events, and invest the time into learning how to coach them. Once you feel comfortable, pick up a few more events. Speech and debate offers so many opportunities for our students to improve their communication skills, and your participation in that learning is vital. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; observe a more experienced coach and learn what they do the best—coach. We learned from watching the great coaches who preceded us: Lanny and B. J. Naegelin, Ron Krikac, Rosie Blunk, Pam and Joe Wycoff, Donovan Cummings, and many more. Our community is lucky to have some brilliant, young coaches eager to share their creativity and knowledge. We never stop learning. And finally, we wish you a spectacular experience because working with your speech and debate students is a gift you will treasure forever. 

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Feel free to reach out to one or both of us if you need clarification or have any questions about the content or techniques covered in this course.

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