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Star Lit: Bright Literature for Bright Performers – Volume Nine


Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you!

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Edited by Gregory T. Burns

Finding the perfect selection to perform is one of the most difficult tasks for any performer. The Interp Store is ready to make that daunting task easier for you! Each Forensics Anthology includes at least one each of the following: Humorous Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation. These scripts are original, poignant, beautifully written, and most importantly, competitive! They are not only perfect for forensics competitions; they also make great classroom materials!

Star Lit: Bright Literature for Bright Performers (Volume Nine) includes:

“Camp Bigfoot” by Gregory T. Burns
For those parents who search for original, recreational escapes for their children, it seems there are more and more “specialized camps” popping up each summer; however, how many of these camps actually deliver what their brochures promise? This is the rhetorical question Gregory T. Burns asks in his send-up of children’s summer camps. Camp Bigfoot may be performed by either a male or female and is the perfect choice for those actors who can portray a myriad of characters.

“The Cookie Jar” by Jake Barton
Each year, Americans consume approximately two billion cookies. In the following collection of poems, Jake Barton takes us inside “The Cookie Jar” and reintroduces us to some old friends. These poems may be performed by a male or female and may be entered in Poetry Interpretation; however, a performer may choose to enter this selection in Humorous Interpretation.

“In the News” by Kameron Lavine and Richard Callahan
Gun control and school shootings are just two of the topics making headlines across our country. Today’s news organizations have more than enough material for their newspapers and televised news reports. We, at The Interp Store, often receive short poems that simply aren’t long enough to publish on their own; however, they are still important pieces of literature. With that in mind, we have decided to periodically publish shorter poems by various poets, in hopes of sparking an idea for a potential poetry program.

“Never Clip Your Toenails While Under the Influence of Drugs” by Sandy Maranto
According to statistics, one out of every eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point during her lifetime. In her autobiographical essay, author Sandy Maranto takes us on a poignant, yet at times, humorous journey, as she reflects on surviving breast cancer. This selection contains mature subject matter; however, understand, this selection also contains a wealth of humor. Sandy Maranto chose to deal with her diagnosis by using her best defense: Her sense of humor, which varies from the sarcastic, to the witty, to the just down right hysterical!

Special” by Jake Barton
In recent years, violence in our schools has been escalating at a fevered pitch. In his poignant short story, Special, Jake Barton introduces us to a mentally-challenged teenager, who gives us a unique and more innocent perspective in the aftermath of a fictitious school shooting. Special is a work of fiction and is perhaps best performed by a male. This selection may be entered in either Prose Interpretation or Dramatic Interpretation.

“Thirty Minutes with Julie” by Sandy Maranto and Gregory T. Burns
THIS SELECTION CONTAINS MATURE SUBJECT MATTER. According to statistics, there are an estimated one million adopted children living in the United States today, and it is also reported that there are approximately 750,000 teenage pregnancies in our nation each year. Given those statistics, it might be surprising to learn that only an estimated 2% of those teenagers choose to give their babies up for adoption. In Thirty Minutes with Julie, we are introduced to two teens, who both coincidentally are named Jordan. This selection should be performed by a mature male and female; and while the characters are pre-designated, with careful editing, the performers may wish to switch roles.

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