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2014 HS Supplemental & Consolation Events Final Round DVD


This two disc set includes – Expository, Commentary, Impromptu, and Extemporaneous Debate

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This two disc set includes:

  • Expository
  • Commentary
  • Impromptu
  • Extemporaneous Debate


Amanda East
Brentwood Academy, TN
Coached by Ryan Hubbard
1st Place

Vivek Srivats
Millard North High School, NE
Coached by Sabrina Denney Bull
2nd Place

Haley Brown
Liberty Sr. High School, MO
Coached by Mick Turpin
3rd Place

Jeff Heithmar
Natick High School, MA
Coached by Sarah Donnelly and Amanda Parker
4th Place

Claire Lamman
Canon City High School, CO
Coached by Bill Summers
5th Place

Carol Lee
Riverside High School, SC
Coached by McGregor Cook and David Dejesa
6th Place


Will Thompson
Charles Page High School, OK
Coached by Brittany Hayes
1st Place

Nicholas Billings
Thunderbird High School, AZ
Coached by Benjamin Carroll
2nd Place

Jason Fisher
Highlands Ranch High School, CO
Coached by Brent Oberg and Erin Tuttle
3rd Place

Asher Kalman
Miramonte High School, CA
Coached by Kristen Plant
4th Place

Matt Greydanus
Grand Rapids Christian, MI
Coached by Nancy Fitzgerald and Brian Karsten
5th Place

Bobby Tech
Salina High Central, KS
Coached by Nicholas Owen
6th Place


Michael Everett
Chaminade College Prep, CA
Coached by Robert Lebeda and Marianne Rosen
1st Place

Aric Floyd
Hawken School, OH
Coached by Robert H. Shurtz
2nd Place

Milan Amritraj
Campbell Hall High School, CA
Coached by Susan Foley
3rd Place

Haley Brahmbhatt
Chanhassen High School, MN
Coached by Zachary Prax
4th Place

Jacob Wisda
Crescenta Valley High School, CA
Coached by Christina Manukyan
5th Place

Alexander Blaine Hall
Olympus High School, UT
Coached by Wesley Felice
6th Place

Extemp Debate

Sinan Ozbay
Princeton High School, NJ
Coached by John Bathke and Renee Szporn
1st Place

Brandon Roth
Sprague High School, OR
Coached by Michael Curry
2nd Place

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