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2013 HS Congressional Debate Final Round DVD


Watch the best high school Congressional Debaters in nation go head to head at our Speech & Debate National Tournament. Four disc set.

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Cameron Silvergate
American Heritage School- Plantation (FL)
Coaches: David Childree and Yvonne Palmer
1st Place

David Jakubowicz
Nova High School (FL)
Coach: Lisa Miler
2nd Place & House Leadership Bowl

Tushar Madan
Plano West Sr. High School (TX)
Coach: Rhonda Smith
3rd Place

Michelle Kelrikh
Adlai Stevenson High School (IL)
Coaches: Eric Joerns, Dan Demarco, and Bill Fritz
4th Place

Connor Meckfessel
Miramonte High School (CA)
Coaches: Kristen Plant and Sandra Maguire
5th Place

Langston Williams
George Washington High School (CO)
Coaches: Maryrose Kohan and Larry Williams
6th Place


Gregory Bernstein
Nova High School (FL)
Coach: Lisa Miller
1st Place

Christina Gilbert
Los Gatos High School (CA)
Coaches: Jain Lampart and Sharon Smith
2nd Place

Zachary Gorwitz
Cypress Bay High School (FL)
Coaches: Megan Loden West and Ben Miller
3rd Place & Senate Leadership Bowl

Nicole Castillo
Ridge High School (NJ)
Coaches: David A. Yastremski and Martin Page
4th Place

Wars Mohammad
Spring Woods High School (TX)
Coaches: Victoria Beard and Andrew Barrett
5th Place

James Clarke
East Mountain High School (NM)
Coaches: Trey Smith and Hannah Flake
6th Place

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