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Needs Request Form

Chapter advisors, please complete the following form to request specific items such as materials, supplies, membership, or educational resources for your speech and debate team. (Note: In cases of direct support from other schools, the NSDA will help make initial connections to potential supporters, but does not serve as a pass through for funds or items.)
  • Share a few details about your team to help us get to know you.

  • Please describe your most immediate need below. Try to be as specific as possible when describing items or supplies, such as size, quantity, etc.

  • Please list any other materials that may be helpful. Again, try to be as specific as possible.

  • If your team has set up an online fundraising page through our partners at Edco, please include that link below.

  • If your team has set up a different online fundraising campaign, please include that link below.

  • By clicking submit, you acknowledge that your list of needs will be shared with the NSDA. You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your responses. We will connect with you via email as potential grants and/or supporters are identified.