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Finding this script was a lengthy process, but it was worth every moment. One of our dedications was to find the perfect script for us, and that meant going through a lot of reading. Between the summer of our junior year and senior year, we fully cut three full-length scripts, one movie, and two books, before we found A Tiny Miracle with a Fiberoptic Unicorn. This doesn’t even include the hundreds of scripts that we read day after day. If you are not looking at multiple scripts every year, you probably won’t find your perfect piece. You must read, read, and read some more. The reason that this process of reading and cutting is so important is because:

      1. There are amazing scripts out there, but not every good script is made for every performer.
            You have to find the story that YOU need to tell. 
      2. By reading a lot, you get more things to choose from.
      3. When you read the perfect script, it won’t feel like a compromise. You will just know that it was meant to be yours.

We ended up selecting A Tiny Miracle because it had a lot of room for originality: the script could be cut many ways, it fit our performance style and technique preferences, and it told a story that we felt connected to.

Click the image to view the full uncut script we selected with initial comments. 

DUO Uncut Script with Comments

Originally, we knew that we needed a lot of characters to show off how versatile we could be. This turned into a discussion of which characters would fit each person best while also pushing our interpretation abilities. For example, we knew that Ethan had strength in portraying women, but we decided to make him the grumbly dad in the piece so that the portrayal of gender and performance time was more balanced and to push both of us to play characters that we were not naturally inclined to play. This made it more fun and showcased one of our talents! 

Overall, our biggest piece of advice is choosing a piece that connects with you, not just a piece that you think will win. We read countless movie scripts, books, plays, and everything in between to try and find the perfect piece. If you put the time in, the results will come! Selection is one of the MOST important steps in the process, so take your time and make sure you find the script that suits you best.