International Programs


The National Speech & Debate Association believes everyone should have access to speech and debate. Along with our work across the United States, we are expanding our reach to provide access to speech and debate across the globe.

Through speech and debate, South Korean students have progressed from a methodical education to one which fosters students’ creativity, critical thinking skills, and civic engagement. This activity has become a gateway for Asian students to be exposed to diverse cultural and humanitarian issues that are pertinent to our societies. Furthermore, we have initiated a program to teach North Korean refugees and defectors how to debate. We are grateful to build cross-cultural relationships with educators throughout the world. We look forward to ambitiously expanding our horizons with the National Speech & Debate Association.

Heidi Son

Executive Director, National Speech & Debate Association - Korea Chapter

Currently, more than ten countries offer speech and debate programs through the National Speech & Debate Association. Together, we have created a forum for international competition.

International members have access to the same resources we provide all of our students, coaches, and teachers. From enrollment in the Honor Society to training videos, tools, resources, classroom activities, and international competition—member schools have all they need to build a successful speech and debate program.

With our help, more schools are competing in speech and debate throughout the world than ever before!

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