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AvatarChristopher Bryant

1. it has gone well

2. also, has gone well

3. no – i have seen no changes. the rules should be tightened regarding evidence

4. no – grand crossfire is still like regular crossfire – far two few questions and too much speechmaking

5. yes- a good change
6. yes- a good change
I believe the component of PF that needs immediate reform is the “calling for evidence” routine. Nobody seems to know the procedure. It can often ruin the pacing of a good debate. It also is the main culprit in making rounds take too long. There should be explicit rules, there should be limits on how often you can call for evidence, how long the team gets to locate it and how much time can be spent on it. No PF round should be allowed to go on for more than one hour maximum. It slows down entire tournaments.