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AvatarRenee Motter

TOTALLY agree with Steve and Greg: consult former district chairs (and other chairs–many of us are more than happy to help and answer questions!) AND pull your committee in to make decisions. That consensus building is really great when decisions are questioned, and it helps build a culture that looks out for all kids and not just “my kids.” I would add to that to have different people on the committee do different things to get ready for the tournament so it feels like a group effort and not you doing everything.

It will surprise nobody that I also have a pretty comprehensive “To Do” list which I’ve put together so I don’t forget to do anything. I’m attaching the word doc so you can make it your own.

Also, I’m attaching a to do checklist that I send with my invite each year. I had a year where people forgot EVERYTHING, so I made this to give them a sense of what they had to do for registration and getting ready.