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Extemp Practice Questions – 2018 November

USX Questions

1. Is the military buildup along the southern border a reasonable response to the migrant caravan?

2. Is it time for the United States to end birthright citizenship?

3. Should the US enact stricter regulations on political advertising?

4. Does President Trump deserve any blame for recent high-profile hate crimes?

5. Why is the Mueller probe taking so long to conclude?

6. Is the hyper-partisan political climate in the US worsening?

7. Is the US economy heading for a recession in the next year?

8. What does new research about heat build-up in the world’s oceans mean for the future of the US?

9. To what degree should we be concerned about voter suppression in the US?

10. Are budget deficits or trade deficits more dangerous to America’s future?

IX Questions

1. Should the US do more to push for peace in Yemen?

2. What effect will the trade pact CPTPP have when it takes effect December 30?

3. Is Jair Bolsonaro Brazil’s Donald Trump?

4. What does Merkel’s announcement that she will not seek reelection mean for Germany?

5. How will the murder of Jamal Khashoggi impact US-Saudi relations?

6. Are North and South Korea making genuine progress toward peace on the peninsula?

7. Will the Democratic Republic of Congo be better off after President Joseph Kabila steps down?

8. Is NATO strong enough to deter Russian aggression in Eastern Europe?

9. Will the US benefit from withdrawing from the INF Treaty with Russia?

10. What goals should Mexican President-elect Obrador set for his term?

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