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Extemp Practice Questions – 2016 March


1. What can leaders do to address Islamophobia in the United States?
2. How can we reduce spending on prisons without sacrificing public safety?
3. Should the US continue with plans to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay?
4. What forces are driving the divisions within the Republican Party?
5. Is Donald Trump’s bombastic personality more of a detriment or an advantage in his quest for
the presidency?
6. Why does the pay gap between men and women persist and what should we do about it?
7. Should Senate Republicans block Scalia’s replacement until after Obama leaves office?
8. Should Apple be required to help authorities bypass the security on phones of suspected
9. Is the 2016 election cycle disproving conventional wisdom about money and politics?
10. Could Rubio beat Trump one-on-one?


1. What will it take for a cease-fire agreement to truly take hold in Syria?
2. Will tougher sanctions moderate North Korea’s behavior?
3. Is Pope Francis an effective voice for historically disempowered people?
4. Is Barack Obama’s planned trip to Cuba a mistake?
5. Is Xi Jinping wise to demand absolute party loyalty from the Chinese media?
6. How would a Brexit impact the EU and the UK?
7. How should the international community better protect civilians in war-torn areas?
8. How should the US respond to ISIL’s growing presence in Libya?
9. Should the world fear the rise of Donald Trump in American politics?
10. Why are the driving forces behind stagnant global economic growth?

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