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The National Speech & Debate Association (National Forensic League) is a GuideStar Gold Participant.

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Bruno E. Jacob Society members are part of a legacy of speech and debate dating back to our founding at Ripon College in 1925. In the many decades since, the National Speech & Debate Association has provided recognition and support for high school and middle school students participating in speech and debate activities. While our organization has evolved over the years, our mission is more relevant today than ever before.

As a Bruno E. Jacob Society member, you’ll receive special benefits like monthly newsletters, listing in the annual report, VIP seating, and exclusive invitations to events. These benefits are just a small token of our appreciation for your support. Of course, the real benefits come in knowing that you are helping young people across the country learn critical thinking skills, gain confidence, and find their own voice.

For more information about joining, please email or make a gift today!

More Ways to Give

In addition to donating online, learn how to donate by mail, plan a corporate matching gift, or give back by volunteer coaching or judging. You may also choose to remember the National Speech & Debate Association in your will or estate plans.

When you’re helping others, you can never really underestimate your power as one person to make a difference.

Delanya Storey

2017 Exemplary Student Service Award Recipient

The most powerful tool a citizen has in a democracy is their voice. By giving youth a voice, the Association is equipping tomorrow’s leaders with that tool!

David Abel

Coach and NSDA Donor

2018-2019 School Year Individual Donors


($5,000 and Up)

Richard Bitner

Mr. James Copeland

Adam and Ashley Johnson

The Lanier Law Firm, P.C.

Tom and Vicki Rollins

Joe and Pam Wycoff


($2,500 – $4,999)

Samir Banerjee

Dale DeLetis
In Honor of Debbie Simon

David C. Frederick
In Memory of B. J. and Lanny Naegelin

Jacek and Dorota Stachowiak


($1,000 – $2,499)

Anonymous (2)

Hunter and Michael Arton

Robert J. Feldhake
In Memory of Carmendale Fernandes

Victor Jih

David Lopez
In Memory of B. J. and Lanny Naegelin

Kerry Maguire and Tom Stossel

Christopher Regan

Donus and Lovila Roberts

Monica Silverstein

Jill Sitnick
In Memory of Carl Grecco

Bob and Salli Stockton

J. Scott and Megan Wunn


($500 – $999)

David and Katherine Abel

Kristen Soltis Anderson

Ted W. Belch

Kirby Chin
In Memory of Richard B. Sodikow

Mark Ferguson

Jill Irvine and Ron Halterman
In Memory of Dr. Alfred “Tuna” Snider

J. E. Masters
In Memory of Carmendale Fernandes

Jeffrey Miller

Vicki Pape

Dr. Randy Patterson
In Memory of Modest Clark Jeffrey

Poetic License, Inc.

Michael Shapiro

Joshua Swartsel
In Honor of Nicole Berckes and In Memory of Harold Keller

Marc A. Wallenstein

David Wendt

David Zarefsky
In Memory of Bill Henderson


Double Octafinalist

($250 – $499)

Jennifer Burton

The Butler Family

Dario Camara

Thomas Evnen

Robert Ickes
In Honor of Don Crabtree and Pam McComas

Beth and Pat Ingram

Adam J. Jacobi and J. Scott Baker, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert S. Littlefield
In Memory of Harry and LeVoyne Littlefield

Stacy G. London

Gideon Mark

Louie Mattachione

Ray and Pam McComas

Chase and Lauren McCool

Jackie and Michael Oakes

Jeff and Sophie Oberstein
In Memory of Tim Atwood

Mel Olson

Cpt. Joseph L. and Jan Pizzo

Warren Poschman

Michael Reszler

Amy and Ray Seidelman

Deborah Simon
In Memory of Donovan Cummings and In Honor of Dale DeLetis

Susan Sprung and Christopher Keyser

Lisa and Darrell Vossekuil

Mark Zhou and Hong Jiang


($100 – $249)

Jarrius Adams

In Honor of James M. Copeland

Shawn and Lynn Aiken
In Honor of Dwayne Purrington and Michael Tilleman

Marisa and Kyle Anderson

Susan Anderson


Dr. Kenny and Nancy Barfield

Bob Bilyeu

Gay Brasher

Gregg T. Campbell

Virginia Tyler Campbell

Charlton Campbell-Hughes

Susan Catan

Alden B. Chace, Jr.
In Memory of Carmendale Fernandes

Helen S. Corry

Scott Cox
In Memory of Carl Grecco

Bret Culpepper

Winifred and Henry Dick
In Honor of Helene Dick

Charles Downs

Charlton G. C. Friedberg Trust

Mary Gormley

Betsy Hanmer

Steve and Lynn Hanon

Aaron Hardy

Jan Heiteen

David Hingstman

F. Patrick Hughes

David and Judy Huston

Jennifer Jerome

Sarah Knobloch

Emily Kriegel

Robert and Sandy Krueger

Clare Lascelles

Vicki Larsen

Dawna Levang

David Lillehaug

Sherry Lingenfelter

Robert “Bob” Marks

Art McMillion

Steve Meadows

Phil McIntosh
In Honor of Don Crabtree

The Mersol Family

Renee Motter

Chris Palmer

Dr. J. W. Patterson

Lois Pierson

James Poterba
In Memory of Edwin Kelly

Fred Robertson
In Memory of William Woods Tate, Jr.

Steven and Anna Schappaugh

Jamey Siefert
In Memory of B. J. and Lanny Naegelin

W. Stephen Smith

Michael E. Starks

Winnie and Jack Tuckness

Daniel Tyree

Cathy Stevermer

Maureen Joy Voll
In Memory of Carl Grecco

Lisa Weber

Natalie Weber

Betty Whitlock

Jonathan Wolshuck

Lonny and Linda Wunn
In Honor of Megan and J. Scott Wunn


($0 – $99)

Marcela Velarde Aceves

Lily Aggarwal

Iskender Agi

Mridul Agrawal

Muneeb Ahmed

Anonymous (7)

Mahesh Balaji

Venkatesh Balasubramanian

Roger and Doris Brannan

Arthur and Emily Bratton

Elena Byun

Lauren Burdt

Ishan Chatterjee

Kevin Chen

James Chien

Stephen and Ruth-Ann Clurman
In Honor of Don Crabtree

Walker Desing

Erik Dominguez

Kathy and Dan Dumke
In Memory of William Woods Tate, Jr.

Liberty Dunn

Laura Egendorf

Toni Espey

Jacqueline Evrard-Vescio

Anthony Figliola

Dave Gampell

Charles and Gerolyn Garrison

Stella Gelsomino
In Honor of Guido Dominguez

Kirsten and Joe Greene

Jay Gullapalli

Vishwanath Gunge

Jane Hagedorn

Wesley Hampson

Timo Henttonen

Katie Hines

Jessica Hughes

Robert Ihrig

Surya Inti

Aditya Ashok Jadhav

Chris Johnson

Marian Joss

William and Valerie Koeber

Jennifer and Lee Konfrst

Karen and Garry Kravit

Susan Kriegel

Ronald Krikac
In Honor of Joe and Pam Wycoff

Michael Kwong

Ken and Michelle Law
In Memory of Carmendale Fernandes

Beth Lentz
In Memory of Douglas Tschetter

Karen Leonard

Gene Leung

Ming Lin

Scott and Beth Maltzie

Veena Malwankar

Christine Matheney

Rev. and Mrs. David C. Marx
In Memory of Marian Milstead

Regi Mathew

Virginia Mayes
In Honor of Joe Wycoff

Randall McCutcheon
In Memory of Amy McCutcheon

Edward McGuire

James E. Menchinger
In Memory of Margaret Miller

Mohit Mittal

Vishali Mogallapu

Susan Napier and Alex Berger

Grant Nelson

Ryan L. Nelson

Kent Ng

Patrice Ott

Deano Pape

Aditi Parmar

Avani Patel

Edwin Pham

Todd Pixton

Navid Poulad

Sister Mary Patricia Plumb, S.N.J.M.
In Memory of Sister Phillip Mary, S.N.J.M.

Praveen Chikkamma Prabhakar

Zain Qazi

Andy Ray

Craig Rehak

Annie Reisener

Jim and Colleen Reisener
In Honor of Matt and Annie Reisener

Grace Rogers

Jay Rye

Wayne Sakakuchi

Liora and Ehud Schmidt

Christy Schneider

Paul Sevigny

Jitesh Shah

Micki W. Smith

Laura Stein

Steve Stein

Matthew Stensrud

Doug Stiles

Michael Stroud

Gayathri Sundaresan

John Teichman

Scott and Stephanie VanderBruggen

Amar Vattakandy

Jayadev Velagandula

Sahar Vilan

James Wagstaffe

Nicole and Darrel Wanzer-Serrano

Joe Weigand
In Honor of Kathie Abel

Brett Campbell Alcarese Welch

Ted Williams

Rachel Wimpee
In Honor of Paulina Wanzer-Serrano

Michael Lauren Yost

Grace Yu

Haiying Yu

Carol and Dave Zanto
In Memory of Bro. René Sterner

Claire and Steve Zawistowski

Nicole Zeoli

Andrew Zydney

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The National Speech & Debate Association’s Annual Report reviews changes in the Association over the past year and provides information about its fiscal health.

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