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Diamond Day

Celebrate Your Diamond Day!

Congratulations on earning a new Diamond award this year! Share the graphics on this page on social media to spread the word about your new achievement. Be sure to tag us @speechanddebate! We can’t wait to celebrate you as part of our National Tournament Opening Ceremony on Sunday, June 13, beginning at 6:00 p.m. CT.

New Diamond
Two people standing next to each other smiling
Two people standing next to each other posing for a picture using a cellphone
Three people standing next to each other with an easel holding a sign behind them

Profile Picture Frames

Log in to Facebook and visit the filter page to add it to you profile picture.

Diamond Day Frame

Story Graphics

Download the image below for your diamond level and post it to your Instagram or Facebook Story!

First Diamond

I've Earned My First Diamond Award!

Second Diamond

I've Earned My Second Diamond Award!

Third Diamond

I've Earned My Third Diamond Award!

Fourth Diamond

I've Earned My Fourth Diamond Award!

Fifth Diamond

I've Earned My Fifth Diamond Award!

Sixth Diamond

I've Earned My Sixth Diamond Award!

Seventh Diamond

I've Earned My Seventh Diamond Award!

Eighth Diamond

I've Earned My Eighth Diamond Award!

Ninth Diamond

I've Earned My Ninth Diamond Award!